Online Red Kettle

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 Can’t Find Time to Ring the Bell this Year?

You can be a bell ringer for The Salvation Army without physically ringing the bell, thanks to the Online Red Kettle program.

Don’t Carry Cash?
Want a Receipt for Your Red Kettle Contributions?

No problem. You can donate to the Online Red Kettle without having to search deep in your pockets, and everyone who donates online receives an email acknowledgement that can be printed for tax purposes.

Want to Contribute in a More Personal Way?

The Online Red Kettle program allows individuals, groups, and companies to involve their contacts to “crowdraise” and increase their contributions, expanding the  circle of people able to be part of Doing the Most Good!

From the Online Red Kettle FAQs

What is the Online Red Kettle campaign?

 The Salvation Army Red Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891, helping raise financial support for critical Salvation Army programs and services year round. This campaign allows you to host your own Red Kettle – online. You become a vital part of our Christmas efforts when you help those in need by hosting an Online Red Kettle and filling it with donations from family, friends and colleagues.

What type of Online Red Kettles are available?

Individual Kettle – An Individual Kettle is your own personal online kettle where you can invite others to donate.

Team Kettle – A Team Kettle consists of multiple Individual Kettles. Funds raised by each Individual Kettle within the Team Kettle are combined and reflected on the Team Kettle page.

Company Kettle – A Company Kettle consists of multiple Team Kettles. Funds raised by each Team within the Company Kettle are combined and reflected on the Company Kettle page. Individual Kettles can also directly join and fundraise for a Company Kettle without being a part of a Team.

Is there a registration fee to participate?

 No. We are truly grateful for those who decide to host their own Online Red Kettle and raise funds on our behalf.

Should I send out a thank you email whenever someone donates to my kettle?

 Everyone who donates to an Online Red Kettle receives an email acknowledgement for their donation. However, if you would like to send a personalized thank you, please feel free to do so. There’s even a pre-written sample e-mail in your “My Messages” page.

Can I customize my own Online Red Kettle Page?

You are able to customize your own Red Kettle page, but it is optional. Customizing your personal page allows you to share why you are raising funds on behalf of The Salvation Army, and making the extra effort to personalize things has been shown to boost fundraising results.

What stayed the same?

  • You can set up individual and team kettles for your community.
  • You can still designate your kettle to your local community by selecting a location during the registration process.

What changed?

  • We upgraded our peer-to-peer fundraising platform to TeamRaiser.  This makes is much easier to give and much easier to sign up!
  • We changed the name to align with our national campaign #RedKettleReason so you get more promotional coverage for the program.
  • You can now fundraise or donate by cause (area of impact) AND location.
  • New URL will be, and will redirect to it after October 31st when the new site goes live.
  • This year, social tweets and posts about supporter’s red kettle reasons will not be aggregated on, and the national peer-to-peer fundraising campaign will be the content on that domain

When will this be available and when is basic training information available?

  • This system launch has been delayed to  October 31st.  The website has been built out since late September, but we’re having some tweaks made to offer the best user experience possible.
  • In the meantime, you can see what it will look like using this clickable mock-up:  (*Please note some of the copy in the mockup is not final.)
  • UPDATED — A RedKettleReason video tutorial for setting up a fundraiser page for three actual TSA local units and one division will be available on the RSTK by October 26th.  (Bend, OR; Ocean City, NJ, National Capital Area; and Indiana Division). All 2,000+ local events will be available via ZIP code or city/state search by October 28th.
  • Basic administrative task training documentation will be available here on the RSTK by October 25th.

What cool stuff will I get?

  • The main homepage will have the ability to donate or search for a local virtual event in any location in the country.
  • You’ll simply need to register with a zip code or city and state combination that relates to your merchant account, and choose a cause for your fundraising efforts (related to Christmas, Hunger, Shelter or unrestricted Meet the greatest need) that you are most passionate about.
  • Fundraisers can choose their own personal #RedKettleReason phrase to tell donors (or write their own) on why they are fundraising for The Salvation Army.
  • After registering, you’ll update your fundraising page story text in the Fundraising Center, but there will be nicely written default story text in the mean time.
  • By registering for a local TSA unit’s virtual event, a local donation form will automatically be generated and tied to your merchant account and your local fundraising page
  • The funds are disbursed locally to the relevant merchant account with twenty-four hours
  • Each Salvation Army Location will also have it’s own #RedKettleReason pre-registration greeting page URL which will display once you choose your location. This is a page designed as a way to lead your audience to fundraising for your location specifically.

What about mobile Red Kettle?

  • #RedKettleReason is fully mobile-responsive in every stage of the donor experience and fundraiser experience.  If you use #RedKettleReason you will also have the benefit of a single message across multiple channels, digital advertising, TV, Radio, Celebrity Spokespersons, etc. National Media will center around the #RedKettleReason campaign, especially as of November 17th.
  • However, Mobile Red Kettle is only an approved alternative to supplement your Christmas Fundraising.